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General questions

I want to hack my girlfriend’s account, please send me the password.

We do not hack users’ accounts! We have created a crypto-algorithm for the selection of passwords, posted it on our server and provided access through our website. You need to manually crack the password of the desired account;

In case of successful hacking, you can add money to your account and get a username and password from the compromised account in your personal cabinet.

How to hack an account? What is the url-address?

To begin, select the system of the user whose account you want to hack at the top of our website.
Next, open the page of the user you're interested in in a new window of your browser and copy the url-address of his page from the browser's address bar. What is a URL?

Paste the copied address into a special box at the top of our website and click on "Hack Account". Congratulations, the cracking process has begun!

Attention! If, after many attempts, our system was unable to hack the desired, please contact us at stating the problem and URL which you want to hack.

What are the guarantees that the email-address provided during registration will not be disclosed to anyone?

The email address you provided during registration is reliably protected by our encryption system. We do not publish the data of our users and do not collect a base for mass mailings.

Do not be afraid to provide your current e-mail, because in case of losing the password for your personal account, you will be able to restore it via your e-mail only.

Does the password remain the same after it was cracked? Can the account owner find out that it was hacked and change his password?

After the account was hacked the password will not be changed. You get the same password the account owner uses. Of course, the owner has a chance to find out that his password was hacked and quickly change it. For example, you sign in his profile or email at a time when he could not physically be online and his friends are able to notice it and tell him. The account owner can also detect that his account has been hacked if you lead an active correspondence on his behalf.

I have added money to my account. What is the guarantee that you will be able to crack the password of the desired account?

First of all, you didn’t have to replenish your account before the desired account has been hacked.

Second, we guarantee the safety of your money even in case we were unable to hack the password (it happens at least one time per 2-3 months) and we will refund your money. For more than six months of work we have gained enough experience and gradually reduced the percentage of outstanding orders to zero.

What if the hacked password is incorrect?

Such situation is only possible if the account owner has changed the password. To avoid this situation, we recommend paying for the hacked account within 3 days after the hacking. As for our system, if the password has been hacked it must be correct; otherwise we will refund money to your account.

I am unable to hack an account. What should I do?

If, after many attempts, our system was unable to hack the desired account, please contact us at stating the problem and a link to the account you want to hack.

Read carefully all the information provided in this section, as it may help to find an answer to your question.

Payments and account refill

Your services are too expensive for me...

If our price for hacking accounts seem high to you, you can get the password for FREE by participating in our affiliate program.

How do I pay for your services?

You can pay for our services via electronic terminals, electronic cash or using a credit card. In the "Account refill" section we have a detailed description of all payment methods.

Also, we invite you to make money!

I have already transferred you the money. How do you know that the money is from me?

Immediately after the transfer of money, you should let us know about the payment. In the message, specify the method of payment, the time and the amount of payment, excluding the commission system through which you made the payment.

Attention! Transfer amount may slightly differ from the amount you have deposited, since a fee is charged. So remember to transfer money taking into account this commission.

Why no money has been added to my account?

Due to the fact that all payments are processed manually, it can take some time to process your message about the payment. Currently, payments are delayed for not more than 24 hours. Do not worry: if you have paid for our services, the money required will be credited to your account without fail.

Can you guarantee that? Why should I believe you?

First, we do not require you to believe us, because you pay for the hacked account after it was cracked. In this case, you can replenish your account at any time convenient to you. This way you can be sure that the account was actually hacked.

Second, we do NOT strive to make our service generally known as in our case the excessive popularity can be rather destructive.

Will I gain from recommending your service to my friends?

There is an Affiliate Program for all of our registered customers. By recommending our service to your friends, your will automatically receive 1 € bonus for each customer referred by your affiliate link.

What will I receive after I get the payment?

Once your account is recharged, you can view details of the hacked accounts, namely username and password. Immediately after that, your account will be debited in order to pay for hacking of the desired account.

Affiliate Program

How to track the clients who registered using my affiliate link?

Please note that the affiliate link has a unique number for your account in our system. When your client follows this link, our system will automatically detect that he is originating from you; after the client registers the earned money will be automatically calculated to your account.

For information on all clients involved by you see the section Attracted clients in your Personal Cabinet.